It has been a real pleasure working with Jesper.
The 6 month mission scope was focused on the HR integration preparation work of Pelican Rouge to Selecta. Jesper provided strong leadership in all HR dimensions of the preparation work: talent & retention, organization engagement pulse checks, organizational design, purpose and values.
Jesper’s contribution has been very valuable for the future success of the integration.

David Flochel
CEO Selecta Group


"I have worked with Jesper for three years, running the $1.3B Gategroup Europe & Africa business.  During that time I came to understand and appreciate what an exceptional HR executive he is.  Jesper constantly thinks about the business’s needs and recalibrates based on changes in the environment, focusing on how to address the talent bench, top team dynamics, negotiations with the unions, individual leaders’ effectiveness, and cost reduction opportunities.  He is measured and deliberate in how he addresses these, working through his own reports as well as leveraging himself through the wider organization.  He has the ear of the key leaders in the business and effectively influences change and action, in addition to effectively coordinating and driving execution where he is overtly in charge.  Jesper is an exceptionally experienced HR and general management professional, and would be effective in a range of different challenges."

Peter van Niekerk (former President & SVP gategroup, Europe & Africa)
CEO Sunless Inc, USA


Copenhagen airport is infamous for its difficult and legacy labour environment and Jesper was in the middle of it during a complex restructuring period.  He was instrumental in ‘keeping the peace’ during his negotiations, building relationships with senior political, bank and customer contacts as well as key influencers in the airport environment, re-building the local management team throughout the process and driving forward a restructuring program with the new team. 

Ultimately, Jesper’s efforts resulted in a new and much more flexible long-term labor agreement, which both parties can live with and honour.  These types of situations are extremely complicated due to the history, the personalities, the emotions in the room, the various business interests, the local political environment and national political environment.  

Jesper has the ability to sort through this and communicate a picture so that a management team can make a decision about how to approach a complex union negotiation and get both parties discussing solutions constructively.

Hubert Schanne (former Chief Commercial Officer, gategroup, Europe & Africa)
Commercial Consultant


Rockwool and Coloplast

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Jesper Bulskov during his tenure at these companies. He successfully blends strong leadership and commercial skills with deep HR expertise. His enviable capability list results in strong executive gravitas and resultant C-suite impact. Although fiercely results oriented, Bulskov's style is is ethical, subtle and inclusive. He is an intelligent, pragmatic and effective, very 'safe pair of hands'."

Peter Smith
Board Chair - BCL Australia
Board Member - SHM Australia
Past Senior Principal - Mercer Global Human Capital
Past CEO - HR Partnering

Alfa Laval

"Jesper Bulskov came in new to our organisation and was learning our needs rapidly. His interaction with management and sales-and marketing staff was very productive and the outcome of his projects and training programs showed to be sustainable for several years after his execution." 

Ulf Granstrand
Senior Advisor Group Management
Alfa Laval Corporate AB, Sweden


Alfa Laval

"Jesper Bulskov was project manager for developing the new sales and marketing planning tools, the worldwide introduction of the same and a new training program for all sales persons in the Alfa Laval Group. The tools were developed by working in groups with representatives from the sales companies, representatives from the central units as well as consultants. With drive, structure, a positive attitude and excellent multicultural skills Jesper proved to be a very efficient project manager. The tools that were developed have over the years contributed significantly to the Group sales efficiency as well as results and continue to be the backbone of our sales and marketing management system."

Lars Henriksson
Senior Adviser
Alfa Laval Group, Sweden


Alfa Laval

"Jesper Bulskov was instrumental and an enabler in establishing the successful strategic agenda in one of the divisions of Alfa Laval in the beginning of the millennium. Especially, I would give credit to his strong contribution in developing a talent management program as well as the state-of-the-art executive training program at Ashridge business school, London."

Ulf Liljedahl
Volito Group, Sweden