After I graduated from Copenhagen Business School, I have spent most of my professional life working and living in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Saudi Arabia and Korea. I am currently working out from of and living in Denmark. 

I am passionate about making and delivering change and growth through restructuring where I have often found myself in the “twilight zone” between the business and HR. In 2015 I established my own company (legally registered in Switzerland under Bulskov GmbH) and in 2019 I established a second company in Denmark. 

I have a significant skill set of operating in different cultures and languages as well as a strong track record from a number of industries ranging from airlines, industrial engineering, pharmaceutical, medical device and energy efficiency. 
I have been member of blue chip companies’ group management as well as working in “green field” operations. I feel equally at home in large organisations as well as in +100 employee companies.

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